329-small.png EWLX 329 - SD45-3: 329 was built for the SP as an SD45.  SP ran this unit through an upgrade program to make it an SD45-2.  We have upgraded it yet gain with NRE's NForce control system, making this an SD45-3.
1617-200.png EWLX 1617 - GP-7: 1617 was built for the CB&Q Railroad, then passed through several owners before coming to Everywhere West Locomotive Leasing.  When EWLL obtained the 1617 it was not in running condition due to numerous water leaks.  EWLL went through and resealed all power assemblies and put the locomotive back in service on the Blackwell Northern Gateway Railroad, where it has been very reliable.
815-Sumpter-200.png EWLX 815 - GP-30: 815 was bult for the C&NW Railroad which sold the locomotive to the Fox River Railroad.  The FRRV was absorbed into the Wisconsin Central where this unit was renumbered to 2252.  When Canadian National bought out the Wisconsin Central, 2252 was retired and put up for aution.  NIWX purchased the 2252 and returned it back to its original number.  Everywhere West Locomotive Leasing purchased the 815 and currently has is slated to have a complete low voltage rewire followed with some body work and painting.  815 is currently serving the Blackwell Northern Gateway Railroad where is has been a work horse for many years.


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