EWLX 815 GP-30



Manufacturer Electromotive Division of General Motors
Model GP-30
Former Owner/Number: CNW 815; FRV 815; WC 2252; NIWX 815
Date Built April 1963
Serial Number 28309
Frame Number 7653-6
Engine 16-567D3
Horsepower 2250
Main Generator D32
Auxiliary Generator 10Kw
Traction Motors D37B; D77B; D67B
Wiring Condition Ok
Batteries New - January 2017
Trucks Blomberg/Roller
Wheels 1 7/8" or better
Weight 259,300
Airbrake 26L
Brake Shoes Double clasp; composition
Air Compressor WBO, 3 cylinder, water cooled


Ditch Lights

Yes (Front & Rear)

Standby Heater Kim Hot Start (480/3 plug in)
Switch Gear Electric
Cab Heat Electric
Blue Card


General Condition Good


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